Improvements to the Tutorials and Tests

Newly designed Plagiarism Tutorials were first introduced on January 2, 2016. Instruction is now organized by levels of difficulty (basic, novice, intermediate, advanced, and expert). Mastery of all levels is now required to pass a current Certification Test.

What's New?

Short answer: Instruction is more dynamic and now addresses simple to complex forms of plagiarism.

What's the Same?

  • The goal has not changed. We expect you to learn to recognize the difference between plagiarism (word-for word and paraphrasing) and non-plagiarism.
  • The online tutorial and tests are still freely available to anyone, and can be used for any non-profit educational purpose.
  • You are required to register and login before you can take a test.
  • Test questions are randomly selected from very large inventories of items each time you take a test. See FAQs, especially this one.
  • Patterns of plagiarism are unchanged, used primarily for illustrating types of errors made if you do not pass a test.

Where's the Old, Original Tutorial?

The legacy tutorial is no longer available, as of July, 2019.

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